It’s five minutes past seven and you’re finally found some time to make jewelry.  You know you had an idea for a necklace to go with the outfit you’re planning to wear to work tomorrow – but where did you put it?

It's now past ten o’clock and you’ve finally found the idea you pinned to your TO DO board - after getting totally sidetracked with all the fabulous ideas that you could be making. But it’s too late to even start a project, let alone finish it.

Does this sound like you? It is definitely what I have been experiencing.

I've designed CREATIVITY CACHE to solve this problem. CREATIVITY CACHE is an web-based application for storing and managing creative projects. CREATIVITY CACHE stores, categorizes, tags, and cross-references all the information about your current and planned projects – inspiration, ideas, photographs, projects, tutorials, supplies, websites – whatever you need to remember. 

CREATIVITY CACHE has a flexible and easy to use interface that makes the storage and retrieval of your information easy.  CREATIVITY CACHE saves time and effort by providing an integrated system focused on creative projects, designed for the busy creative by a busy creative..

CREATIVITY CACHE is online, it is there whenever you need it.

CREATIVITY CACHE is mobile, it is there wherever you need it. 

CREATIVITY CACHE...coming soon.

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